There are no stipulated form to make an order to us. You can use E-mail or other way,
We recommend you to use Quotation Request for fast and accurate communication

1) You can make an Order to us, sending a message or E-mail in your P.O sheet with your signature or
Submit Quotation Request.

2) We will review and check the stock and schedule in our factory, The proforma invoice
on your Order to be sent from our side within 24~48 hours in business day with Delivery date and
Quotation by Fax or E-Mail.

3) We need a confirmation on our Proforma invoice from your side same way with 1). We can proceed
with your order in our factory after confirmation with your deposit.

4) We reports the status of your Order, every week Monday by fax or e-mail to you.until the shipment
date. Shipping advise and Documents will be sent from our side after shipment.


1. Evaluation Sample

1) Price
You can order Evaluation Sample before you make main Order. But, It's limited in number.
Only one model for chair and other category.
The price is 130% from ex-work price.
(For Example : US$ 300.00 at EX-Work Price , Evaluation Sample price is US$390.00)

2) Delivery
Delivery Charge is included in your Sample Invoice with the Sample price.
You can make your sample to be delivered by Collect, otherwise, will be included in Invoice,