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Model : RS290

Color : Black

Dimension : 630(W) X 1270~1650(D) X 960(H)mm 

Base : Refer to High-Tech Base for Chair

Gloss Weight : 85 Kgs 

Packing way : Refer to Packing way

E-Compact Electric Shampoo chair, With an ergonomically designed, all-in-one electric shampoo chair that maximizes the advantages of a seated manual shampoo chair and a lying down on electric shampoo chair, the backrest is moved up and down to maintain balance and minimize the load on the neck of the shampoo

  • Integral electric shampoo chair
    It is an electric shampoo chair that reflects the advantages of a sitting and a lying down on shampoo chair, and provides the best comfort by minimizing the load on the shampoo neck.

  • High durability
    High durability with stainless steel.
  • Compact style shower head
    We have adopted the latest design of shower heads with excellent grip.
  • High-end faucet
    Chrome-plated faucet, made of high-end brass material and a technique used in the automotive industry, is highly durable and preserved in its original form even in long-term use