New product


Model : RS250-WOOD

Color : Dark brown, Brown

Dimension : 570(W) X 1550~1620(D) X 880~890(H)mm 

Base : Refer to High-Tech Base for Chair

Gloss Weight : 80 Kgs 

Packing way : Refer to Packing way

Apollo-wood manual style based shampoo chairs are the most practical product specifically designed to allow the back and seat to move using the body's characteristics without using the power required to adjust and drive the chair's height. The product allows customers to naturally lie down on their upper body and receive shampoo in a comfortable state, creating a new style of advanced shampoo chair that transcends the concept of traditional shampoo chairs, creating a stylish salon atmosphere.

  • Lying-type shampoo chair
    It's an innovative product with SELF-RECLINING device, it's a lying type shampoo unit , Customers can receive shampoo services comfortably with laying the upper body down naturally while sitting.

  • Deluxe head cushion
    Add a cushion to the existing neck-rest to support the head load, providing the best comfort in the procedure.
  • High-end faucet
    Chrome-plated faucet, made of high-end brass material and a technique used in the automotive industry, is highly durable and preserved in its original form even in long-term use