New product


Model : RC181

Color : Black, Brown

Dimension : 570(W) X 920(D) X 800(H)mm 

Base : Refer to High-Tech Base for Chair

Gloss Weight : 23 Kgs (W/Star Base) 

Packing way : Refer to Packing way

Accent Chair is a quality wooden armrests and is designed to be unique and stylish piping decorations added on the seat and backrest and button decorations on the backrest. The front part of the seat is designed high, allowing customers to feel differentiated stability and comfort when sitting. In addition, each component of the hydraulic base, which plays an important role in determining the durability and ease of use of the chair, is manufactured from a special material, and is managed by a special processing process to enhance durability, which is designed to perform at its best in harsh use environments.